Restaurant marketing guaranteed to increase your sales within 90 days or you pay nothing.

If you'd like the opportunity to grow your restaurant sales with guaranteed results and zero financial risk…

…then here is a no-risk proposition that promises documented, money-in-your-pocket results, or you pay nothing.

How Can We Guarantee Results?

Simple. We guarantee results because we actually know what we're doing. We know exactly how to:

  • Attract massive attention to your restaurant

  • Drive customers at scale

  • Maximize profit-per-customer

And, we've been doing this for other restaurants since 2008.


"Yes that's an extra twenty million dollars"

"Over the Past Decade of using Repeat Returns we have made an additional $20,000,000.00. Yes that's an extra twenty million dollars in deposited cash sales.... As my team constantly reminds me.... Repeat Returns has made us into a Restaurant Marketing Machine.

Ralph A Lewis

Okeechobee Steakhouse, FL

How does this work?

It starts with booking a discovery call where we will:

  • Learn about you and your restaurant

  • See if we're a good fit for each other

  • Decide if we should move forward

If so, we'll do our homework. If our team is confident we can rock your world, we will prepare and present a step-by-step plan designed... to build your restaurant into a reliable and unstoppable money machine.

Your plan will be stamped with our money back guarantee.


"We switched POS to stay with Repeat Returns..."

"When they say spend less make more, they mean it. We've been growing sales at a pace that's sometimes been hard to keep up with. When HungerRush told us Repeat Returns would not be in their new "upgrade" (LOL), we dumped them for a new POS. That's how important it is to us."

Andy & Katie Dell

Papa Kelsey's Pizza, AZ

Are There Any Catches?

There are two: And they are very reasonable. Since we guarantee that our plan will make you money.

1. You must follow our plan:

Our plan will be based on your most urgent income-generating needs, long-term growth opportunities, your budget, and whatever implementation is needed inside your restaurant.

2. You must implement in-store/online:

Our marketing is 100% done-for-you. But there will be in-store and online implementation required. Think; table tents, website links, and access to social media/online profiles for our team.


"Repeat Returns is the ONLY marketing

we have EVER used..."

"We bought a closed Rosati's Pizzeria in 2012, and grew it from nothing to a top-10 performer in just 3 years. We own 5 stores now and Repeat Returns is the only marketing we have ever used."

Rich & Nancy - Rosati's Pizza, IN

"The ROI is obscene!"

We see tickets pop as high as 38%

when SMART Offers go out.

This is the blueprint for next-level money.

Monty & Kerri Lockyear I Smash Park Entertainment


What kind of budget do I need?

We can "work" with budgets as low as $100 a week. But if you want to grow fast, poach competitor's customers, and quickly multiply your income, you need to invest upfront.

Will this work for any restaurant?

Unfortunately not. If you’re in financial desperation, floating payroll on credit cards, and circling the drain—you should pass. We're are not a silver bullet to save a troubled business.

How long before I see results?

Depends on where we're starting from. Some can see new customer traffic in as little as 7 days. But if we have a big mess to clean up, things will take longer. We'll set realistic expectations when we review our plan with you.

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